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Varithena® Microfoam


Varithena® (polidocanol microfoam) is distributed through a catheter or by direct injection. The diseased vein fills with foam and safely collapses. Varithena® is the only FDA-approved foam used to treat vein disease.

What are the Reasons to Use Varithena®?

Unlike some other therapies to treat vein disease, Varithena® is effective for varying vein sizes above and below the knee. Varithena® does not require an incision or a catheter to be inserted along the length of your vein, and it can be administered in as little as one or two need sticks. Varithena® is minimally invasive and well-tolerated by most patients allowing you to resume normal activities the same day as treatment.

How Does Varithena® Work?

Our provider administers a small amount of the foam through a catheter or by direct injection into the malfunctioning vein which fills the desired section and collapses the diseased vein. The foam is deactivated once the vein is closed.

What is Treatment with Varithena® Like?

Treatment is minimally invasive and nonsurgical. Our provider usually numbs the injection site; however, no additional numbing is required. Varithena® can typically take less than an hour to complete, and normal activities can resume the same day as treatment.

Once the procedure is complete, the bandages will be applied. Bandages need to be kept dry and in place for 48 hours. Walking 10 minutes a day for a month is encouraged, and patients should avoid long periods of inactivity.


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