gallbladder removal in Sebring

Effective, Simple Gallbladder Surgery

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Gallbladder Removal Helps With:

  • Gallbladder Stones
  • Sharp Pain in the Abdomen
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Indigestion

Eliminate Abdominal Pain & Discomfort

The gallbladder is a small organ that stores bile to break down food. But over time, tiny stones called gallstones can form, blocking bile production and causing irritation.

Fortunately, patients can live a perfectly healthy life without a gallbladder. At Florida Lakes Surgical, we can simply remove the gallbladder through surgery for permanent relief!

Gallbladder Removal Details

# of Treatments Needed:


Inpatient or Outpatient:


Preparation Needed:


Driver Required?



General anesthesia


1 to 3 weeks

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How Gallbladder Removal Works

At Florida Lakes Surgical, we perform laparoscopic gallbladder removal in Sebring to minimize invasiveness and recovery time. Through a series of small incisions in the abdomen, your surgeon uses the Da Vinci robotic system to carefully remove the gallbladder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gallbladder Removal in Sebring

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The team at Florida Lakes Surgical strives to help all of our patients experience life free from the discomfort and health conditions of excess weight.

As the trusted specialists in gallbladder removal in Sebring, we explore all possible options for our patients before selecting a method that will best fit into their lifestyle and give them much-needed healing.

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Can Gallbladder Removal Help Me?

If you’re experiencing recurrent signs of indigestion, then the problem may be your gallbladder. Come see us for a screening at Florida Lakes Surgical to receive expert diagnosis and care!

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