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Ensuring Healing for Your Wounds

It’s impossible to predict when you might get injured, but if it happens, you’ll want to rely on surgical experts to treat the wound. For injuries that require stitches in Sebring, Florida Lakes Surgical offers innovative care to minimize scarring and maximize healing.

Wounds can take a variety of forms–acute, chronic, complex, and beyond. They might include cuts, gashes, ulcers, infections, diabetic sores, and more. At Florida Lakes Surgical, wound care is not a single treatment to address the wound; we take a look at the cause and educate you on prevention and at-home care.

How We Approach Wound Care

If you think you might need wound care such as stitches in Sebring, don’t wait, and give Florida Lakes Surgical a call. We’ll inform you on what to do prior to arriving at our surgery center. Then, you’ll see one of our medical professionals, who will examine the wound to determine next steps, whether that may include cleaning, dressing, or stitching the area.

What to Expect at Florida Lakes Surgical

Reasons You May Need Wound Care

SKIN ulcers

Ulcers from diabetes or venous insufficiency can be painful and difficult to treat without intervention from a medical professional. They may first appear as a sore on the skin and worsen over time.


Treatment for an acute injury, like a cut that won’t stop bleeding, may seem like a simple fix. But without proper medical care, numerous complications can arise.

chronic wounds

Burns, skin ulcers, infections, and more can be chronic, where the wound heals very slowly or refuses to heal at all. This type requires more precision and care than just a single treatment, such as stitches, in Sebring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wound Care

About Florida Lakes Surgical

The team at Florida Lakes Surgical strives to help all of our patients experience life free from the pain and discomfort of chronic conditions.

As specialists in robotic and general surgery, we explore all possible options for our patients before selecting a method that will both fit into their lifestyle and give them much-needed healing.

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