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Patients with hernias usually first notice a bulge in their abdomen, groin, or inner thigh. While this may be your organ pushing through the muscle wall, don’t panic! A hernia is not an immediate cause for concern, but you should get it checked out as soon as possible by a specialist at Florida Lakes Surgical.

Because hernias can cause additional complications if left alone, we recommend repairing them through hernia surgery in Sebring. Until then, our team of medical professionals will make sure you are comfortable, safe, and cared for!

How We Approach Hernia Repair

Once a hernia develops, it can only be repaired through surgery. However, whether or not we decide to resort to hernia surgery in Sebring depends on its size and its severity. We will first conduct an ultrasound to get an accurate picture of your hernia. From there, we will determine the timeline of your next steps for hernia repair.

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Causes of Hernias

Lifting Heavy Objects

The added weight of heavy objects, especially while lifting improperly, puts wear and tear on your muscles.

Straining Muscles

If you frequently strain your abdominal muscles, such as from constipation or coughing, a hernia may develop over time.

Being Overweight or Obese

Excess weight puts stress on your muscle walls, weakening them and allowing internal organs to push through.

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