GERD treatment in Sebring

GERD treatment in Sebring

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If you struggle with frequent heartburn that is worsening, you might have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD is a more serious form of acid reflux that results in heartburn, acid in the mouth, asthma, trouble swallowing, and more.

The burning sensation in your chest or throat from heartburn happens as your stomach acid flows upward into your esophagus. This unpleasant condition can make even eating and digestion painful, but the experts at Florida Lakes Surgical can evaluate your condition to identify ways to bring you relief!

Your Options for GERD Treatment

We don’t immediately resort to surgery when it comes to your GERD treatment in Sebring. We’ll conduct a screening to review your symptoms, and we may conduct a pH test of your esophagus to analyze your acid reflux. Once we determine the cause and severity of your condition, we’ll move forward with a treatment plan, individualized to you.

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Causes of GERD


Smoking or vaping contributes to the weakening of the esophagus, which allows stomach acid to flow upward.

Excess Weight

Being overweight or obese can exacerbate acid reflux and heartburn.

Hiatal Hernia

A hiatal hernia, which is when a part of your stomach bulges through the diaphragm muscle, can cause GERD.

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