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It’s a relief to find out that the lump beneath your skin is a noncancerous cyst or lipoma, but it can still be distressing because of its prominent appearance. A cyst is a sac of air or fluid within your soft tissue, while a lipoma is a benign tumor of fat cells between your skin and muscle tissue.

At Florida Lakes Surgical, we can help get rid of that cyst or lipoma, even if it isn’t a cause for medical concern. A simple surgical removal and a skin graft will restore your skin to smoothness!

Our Approach to Cyst & Lipoma Removal

We always recommend our patients come in for an examination if they have an abnormal lump or growth. Once we determine that it is a cyst or lipoma, we can discuss potential treatment avenues with you. Since they are not usually painful, patients normally elect to undergo cyst or lipoma removal in Sebring for cosmetic reasons.

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Causes of Lipomas & Cysts


Your likelihood of getting a lipoma or a cyst increases if your family members also have them.


While they can occur at any age, they most commonly occur in middle-aged adults and older.


A cyst forms when skin cells aren’t shed properly and they accumulate beneath the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lipomas & Cysts

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