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Your small intestine, located immediately below your stomach, helps you absorb the necessary nutrients from the foods you eat. At Florida Lakes Surgical in Sebring, Florida, TC Lackey, II, DO, Rachel Sims, APRN, and the team treat complications with this and other parts of the digestive tract with minimally invasive and robotic gastrointestinal (GI) surgeries. To schedule your GI surgery consultation, call Florida Lakes Surgical or book online today.

Gastrointestinal Surgery

What is gastrointestinal surgery?

Gastrointestinal surgery targets and treats complications involving your digestive tract, extending from your mouth, through the esophagus and stomach, and down to your small and large intestines. 

Your gastrointestinal (GI) tract also includes accessory organs like your pancreas, gallbladder, and appendix, which help with the digestive process. 

Gastrointestinal surgery can accomplish many different goals, including removing suspicious growths along the tract or repairing tears and other forms of damage. You might also need gastrointestinal surgery at Florida Lakes Surgical for diagnostic or screening purposes. 

In many cases, surgeons prefer to perform gastrointestinal surgery with minimally invasive techniques instead of open surgery. With minimally invasive surgery, your surgeon uses a long tube with a camera at the end to enter your body through either a small incision or through an opening that already exists, like your mouth.

With the aid of the Da Vinci® robotic surgical system, GI surgeries at Florida Lakes Surgical are highly precise and low risk compared to conventional approaches. 

What can gastrointestinal surgery treat?

Gastrointestinal surgery is often an option to treat conditions affecting the digestive tract when not responding to non-surgical treatments. GI surgery can also provide more information about conditions without a diagnosis that require a closer look. Florida Lakes Surgical frequently plans and performs gastrointestinal surgery to diagnose or treat:

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Stomach cancer
  • Other GI cancers
  • Hernias
  • GI tract blockages
  • Polyps

One form of GI surgery, called small bowel surgery or small bowel resection, removes part of your small intestine. 

GI surgery can remove various diseases or blockages to help you digest your food more effectively since most of the digestive process takes place in your small intestine. You can better absorb nutrients from your food after this surgery.  

How should I prepare for gastrointestinal surgery?

Preparing for gastrointestinal surgery involves many steps, and those steps can vary depending on the type of surgery you need. In comparison to open surgery, minimally invasive options typically require less preparation and less recovery time. 

Your surgeon at Florida Lakes Surgical gives you a comprehensive set of instructions to follow leading up to the date of your surgery. They might include:

  • Fasting (avoiding eating and drinking) for specified hours beforehand
  • Avoiding certain medications and supplements
  • Making arrangements to miss work while you recover
  • Making arrangements for a ride to and from your appointment
  • Arranging your home to be comfortable and conducive to your recovery

Other steps might be necessary according to your current level of health and personal needs. The Florida Lakes Surgical team is available to answer your questions in detail and make sure you know what to expect. 

To find out more about gastrointestinal surgery and the conditions it helps treat or manage, call Florida Lakes Surgical or schedule an appointment online today.